high & low

by kissed her little sister

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katillac "cocaine" is a track to blast while sticking your head out of a moon roof driving down the strip all night. ..this is a fuckin JAM. Favorite track: cocaine.
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released January 1, 2011




kissed her little sister Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: i'm too high
i'm too high
and i'm too low
Track Name: cocaine
(lyrics by t.j. red arnall, johnny cash, roger waters et al.)

early one morning while making the rounds
i took a shot of cocaine and i shot my woman down
i went right home and i went to bed
i stuck that lovin' 44 beneath my head
well i got up next morning and i grabbed that gun
i took a shot of cocaine and away i run
made a good run but i run too slow
they over took me down in juarez mexico

[in the town it was well known
when they got home at night
their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them
within inches of their lives]

late in the hot joints taking the pill
in walked the sheriff from jericho hill
he said willy lee your name is not jack brown
ya you're the dirty hack that shot your woman down
o yes o yes my name is willy lee
and if you got a warrant just read it to me
shot her down because she made me sore
thought i was her daddy but she had five more

when i was arrested i was dressed in black
they put me on a train and they took me back
had no friend for to go my bail
they slapped my dried up carcass in that county jail
early next morning a bout half past 9
i spied the sheriff coming on down the line
upped and he coughed as he flared his nose
he said come on you dirty hack into that district court
into the courtroom where my trial began
where i was held by 12 honest men
just before the jury started out
i saw the little judge come as to look about
in about 5 minutes in walked a man
holding the verdict in his right
the verdict read in the first degree
i hollered o lord have mercy on me
the judge he smiled as he picked up his pen
99 years in the folsom pen
99 underneath that ground
i can't forget the day i shot that bad bitch down

come on you all got to listen to me
lay off that whiskey and let that cocaine be

[in the town it was well known
when they got home at night
their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them
within inches of their lives]
Track Name: i am ben franklin
i am ben franklin
i am standing in the shower
i am covered in cold water
i prefer to drip-dry
Track Name: born again
i've been born again
i've been born again
and i've been wondering
if your eyes would taste good in my mouth
with sauerkraut

all my necklaces
all my necklaces
help me to protect
and hanging on down from my neck
they remind me that
gravity is something real
but i don't suppose it will always keep us down

excuse me officer
excuse me officer
can you tell me how to get
to a pile of wet cement
that i call my home?
i've been losing blood
i've been dripping blood
i still have enough
to fill my brain all up with love
o explode

o my god
i've nothing left to say
to you
not anymore
to you
not anymore
Track Name: miracle mile
who wants the car keys
riding on a miracle mile
we like the palm trees and the heretic style
breathe it in if you can
let it out in the sand

touch my touch when you can

let me clear my throat
i am a human being and it's in my jeans
i'm a love machine o yah
i know to wear it right
my denim is so tight
and when i rock the mic i rock all night
someday everyone will know

it's true a want to lock you in my room
smoke marijuana and sleep the afternoon away

i wanna lay my burden down in the fertile ground of the sunshine town now now
my car don't wanna make the drive but it stay alive for another ride baby
i run but i run too slow
Track Name: discoteque dialect
you're my good gypsy friend
you came and then you went
time and time again
you're my good gypsy friend
and i've been wondering
my good gypsy friend
if i've been born again
my good gypsy friend

i don't have a bed
i have a desert instead
instead of an opera
i'm sleeping with a tragedy

but i love you til i'm dead
my good gypsy friend
you've been wandering
my good gypsy friend
i love you til the end
my good gypsy friend
we've been born again
my friend

and i
i was asleep
and when i'm asleep
i have a devil the sings
to me in my dreams
and kills me with my memory
Track Name: my ship came in
i ain't got a lot to say
my ship came in today
i slip and it sail away
ain't got a lot to say
i ain't got a lot to say
got a whole lot of blank
my fucking ship sank
i ain't got a lot to say
i ain't got a lot to say
my mouth is dry and my words are fake
i feel like a worm on the escalator to evolution
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Track Name: my dreams are televisions
the television is on all night
whispering with lullabies
warmly glowing as i sleep
my dreams are televisions
my tv knows how to treat a man
faced with conflict and violence
and the promise of a better day
i'll wait through the commercial break
so wait with me and keep me close
raise your glass let's make a toast
to all the stories ever told
i'll be your remote control
and pick and choose the ones to share
put them back into the air
i turn them on
i turn them off
my dreams are televisions
and my computer screen is filled with dreams as well
screaming help from the bottom of a well
a match was lit and now we smell
the phosphorus and we hear the bell
and we see the light and it's shining bright
and it burns our eyes like a billion fireflies
it takes us there where no one cares
my dreams are televisions
Track Name: he walked on the water
he walked on the water
he walked on the water
he swam in the water and he drank all the water
she is the farmer's daughter
the farmer's daughter
and o how i love her so much
and as for the farmer
as for the farmer
how i respect all his wishes
and as for the fishes down in the water
they keep my company all night

and they swim around my body
as i sink down to the bottom

he's the kingfisher and o how i miss her
o maria! my love!
you're such a good friend
you're such a good friend
we swam to the deep end
o no!

and they swam around my body
as i sank down to the bottom

savonarola! savonarola! savonarola!
you burned
down into ashes down into ashes
into the river you went

and so i followed and so i followed
into the shallow waters
fished by a farmer
king of the farmers
the farmer's daughter
my love
Track Name: paris ain't my home
i was sitting in the grass underneath the aqueducts
the sun was coming down
and in the heart of town of holy rome,
holly holly home
it's hallelujah
sing it brother
i was sleeping on a bench in the rain in paris france
the wind was blowing cold i felt it in my bones
i felt so all alone
paris ain't my home
on a motorcycle ride always got a place to go
across the arno
where the motors do not go
where the glitter is the gold
ponte vecchio
Track Name: the angel of the lord
o ryan said orionid
it came and went at 3am
while you were sick and fast in bed
the sun it rose over your head
the son he rose but now he's dead
he'll rise again and blessed is
the name which i have never said
i never knelt before my bed
long ago
one shepherd watched the stars at night
while seated on the ground
the angel of the lord came down
the angel made the strangest sound
it said it said it said bauwa bauwa sin sooki ai
i don't have a thing so i don't have to try
kyle called he called to say
the stars were coming out to play
he would have looked up anyway
but leonid he did ok
he turned the night into the day
with fire flashing fire spray
a fireball is on its way
the only reason i still pray
two-stepping strike a balanced pose
you turn on enemies
we turn together like two stones
we fit together like new bones
up there! up there! i said bauwa bauwa sin sooki ai
if you stick with me then we don't gotta try

(elizabeth clare prophet,
dedication to the tackling of the beast and the dragon)
Track Name: i don't want you
why you call me up
in the middle of the night my love
don't you know i sleep
i sleep hard, so deep
i was born too late
got mixed up in something great
in that house nothing is real
you were there spinning in the wheel

but i don't need you

my girl is gone she left
stole my head breathed my breath
i don't sleep so well did before in that cell
that smell i wake just to find out it's a fake
incident i conjure of the past present future

no i don't see you

[peoples temple agricultural project:
how very much i've loved you
how very much i've tried to give you the good life
but in spite of all that i've tried a handful of our people have made our life impossible
there's no way to detach [[ourself]] from what's happened today
we've been so betrayed
we have been so terribly betrayed
but we tried]

i don't want you
Track Name: baby love
(elizabeth clare prophet,

baby love
will you come back in the morning
and bring me some of that very special coffee?
i want to let you know i'm going to let you down all over again
but you mean something to me
something that i never thought could be real
Track Name: giving up on ghosts
[i would not just be afraid
if the world were a safe place
and i would not be so scared
of all the ghosts]

(elizabeth clare prophet,
invocation for the judgement against and destruction of rock music)

o giving up on you
is so hard to do
when you're in perfect view
in a cage in a zoo
don't pretend to love all that is above
it's just a sky to me
don't reflect in song
i have written wrongs
i have been freed

and that bird still sings
in that cage with closed wings
and you can not spread so thin
thin enough to win love
clip your beak as well
i have been through hell
i came back again
and the other side
though i tried to try
i didn't have those sins

i want to love another person
i want to share my heart
no i don't want no other person
thought it was just a part of the game
that we play to have to say

i'm in love with you
but my heart beats true
it skips when i tell a lie
to your heart to your eye
but you did the same
you should be ashamed
i know that you are
when you bit my chest
to eat my heart i guess
i still have the scar

i want to love another person
i want to share my heart
no i don't want no other person
thought it was just a part of the game
that we play
Track Name: get out of my head woman
get out of my head woman
i'd rather be dead woman
well i don't think and so i am not
at the roller rink we were smoking pot
we were hanging on
i knew it was done lover
sleep with the same cover
that i bought some time ago
my heart beat stopped
guess it's gone with the wind

slept on a bean bag honey
what if i had all that money
making love your loverboy
i was summer drummerboy
that was the last time we had fun
that'll be the last time we have fun
now i know i gotta run far away

don't pay attention baby
la is making me lazy
so fuck the dream and all the girls
and all the boys and fuck the world
i'm lonely

look what you did to me
if anyone could see
now it won't be you no more
and by myself i walk the floor
it told on you
your heart told on you

what's been done and what's been said
i don't want you in my head
i don't want you in my head
only when i’m in my bed
i don't need you in my head
get out of my fucking head
what did you just say to me?

don't read old letters lady
don't let yourself go crazy
well i don't know but i've been told
the good die young the rest get old
we are hanging on