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katillac "i ain't got a friend" is a track that reminds me of my friend behind bars and the rest of the album kicks ass. Favorite track: i ain't got a friend.
Jeremy (HI54LOFI)
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Jeremy (HI54LOFI) This is one of those albums that used to only be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, but I really wanted to be able to buy it… and now you can buy it, so I bought it. And you should too. Because it's unbelievably excellent. Favorite track: i ain't got a friend.
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released July 2, 2012




kissed her little sister Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: up now gathering
Track Name: in a field (field spiritual)
you were crying beer so i drank up all the tears
fermented in your mind
they help me to unwind
but sir you made me drunk and
you couldn’t give a fuck that now i drive my car around
and now i turn it upside down and now i’m in a field
and i’m drunk

my hair is like a dream i let it down when i sleep it tangles into knots
just like all my thoughts
and they show themselves in mysterious ways
an empty house is an unmarked grave
and morning with its sun
i tie my hair into a bun
Track Name: that was only wasting time
that was only wasting time i’m not one to walk the line we were running round in circles
i fight the case just to embrace the one that i call second place just to feel something
suffocating on a cigarette is suffice it to say the only satisfying thing that happened today
cold calling cold calling cold
oh throw me a rope toss me a line that i can climb up to you don’t want to fall but i’ll risk it all
no i won’t no i can’t because i hope with a slant i thought i was a beast... alas! i am an ant.
read the news today oh boy, one thing to discover that impartial to the noise, there is venom in the toys, i said, the poison is the lead, your grave is a bed and you dig and you dig
dig a ditch, tickle an itch, cover yourself in the pine pitch.
i pine for times that are long gone and mined,
in the long gone mind i find factual fact and lying lies.
but that’s nothing - a nice indigo bunting!
pulls of worm out the earth my hearse is worth more than birth i need to rid this curse. yo!
pulls of worm out the earth my worth is worth more than dearth i need to skip this verse.
pulls of worm out the earth my hearse is worth more than birth i need to rid this curse. yo!
pulls of worm out the earth my worth is worth more than dearth i need to spit this verse.
i don’t want to waste my time.
i don’t want to waste my time.
mother nature father time, i am dying on the vine - can’t go to waste like this.
i would like a drink, i would like to know how suffering is something old
it seems so new to me.
ah figure skating on a figure 8 is essentially stale
it’s more like if a dragon were to eat its own tail
forestalling forever
for june
juniper grows
juniper drink
drink it alone
drunk my fill
got time to kill and i want it dead
no i don’t, isn’t true, cause i don’t follow through
i’m waiting for a turn of the screw
when i’m a ghost, ok, oh boy!
tubercular like all things that were sent to destroy
chronically i wait in bed, waiting to be led
maybe i’m just waiting to be dead
i bled now i’m a ghost pillar to post
maybe i’m a shadow at the most, diagnosed
dying quick
i am very sick of another fucking hand i gotta kiss
last fist raised to the sky
whose will it be and why?
whose will it be and why tell me why?
whose will it be and why?
Track Name: i ain't got a friend
i ain't got a friend in this world anymore
i ain't got a clue ‘bout what to do
no job, time, plan
no money heaven sent
no faith in the matter at all
but i got this old letter from you

and i read it again and i read it out loud
i read it in my bathtub honey baby now now don't you
see i’m down? do you see me gettin clowned
by the painted faces smiling all the time?

rain on my parade i thought thanksgiving was today
thought wrong thought 'bout a train i didn't catch
thought ‘bout the bus and what a fuss you make and how you make it last
and the thoughts i thought i thought they might've passed

and yes i think about you when i unfurl that paper thin
i crumple in a bag or in a book i stumble with these hands for hooks
thinking thoughts are just dead weight in this emotive sort of state
yah it's big but it's much smaller if i just look

yah things don't pass like they always did
when we were just friends and well i was just a kid (same)
and like i said im no man but i’m closer than i’ve been
but something in me thinks that that’s a sin

but then some happy news arrives, i put my happiness in stride
my happiest hour in a while
you can dance that dance but you can't sing no song
i don't care as long as you can make me smile

then that catholic guilt comes creepin up on me
i can feel it in my throat i can smell it in the breeze
in the springtime i find that i am reminded
of the evil in the world

aw shoot god damn wish i were feeling like a man
feel like a baby on these steps been disavowed
it's just an adolescent game and i will always feel the same
im not old but i’m a little older now

oh jesus christ will you please visit me again
in the morning on the rooftop of my shed
from the trees the leaves fell and i saw your face
and i made my roof into a bed

i went to the doctor and he said...
son you have got some years to live but soon we'll be dead
and i said sir, you think they're working on a cure?
he said no man that shit’s going down for sure
Track Name: my nature
sometimes i think it must be nice in the belly of whale
where it’s so dark and peaceful o i could think about all the things i’ve done
and the places i’ve been
i don’t want to see the end
and my fingers shakin
boy i sure would love to take you swimmin in the river by the gorge
where we’ll take our clothes off in the waning of the moon id love to see your face
but don’t cut your hair
it won’t grow back again
if you cut your hair
build the fire high

little fawn came down the rocks
centipede rose from the ash
lost her mother in the night
found my nature in the fight

to be dreaming is to be feeling and is to be real
is to really observe in the real meaning of the sense of the word
which is easy baby just open up your mind to the static in the sky
is to be the moment we are dumbstruck and i’m dumb and i know
so don’t tell me i ain’t
i climbed mountains last night
i saw my old fate
there was no happy ending

i should warn you
i can get real heavy so will you lift me up
if i’m gone and gloomy
will you be my lantern will you shepherd me to earth
will you forgive me darling?
i’m scared to die a failure
will you forgive me then?
(i’ll be gone, your sailor...)
Track Name: i am a human being
love is a burden and it killed your afternoon
you tried to get a word in
but love is louder than one or two
and three, it is too many
it always falls apart
ya three, it is too many
and it leaves one broken heart

all my love is converted
into tiny waves
they’re electronic moments
that always find their way through space
which is bigger than a mountain but smaller than my brain
love makes you feel important and it makes you go insane

and love is the answer
but with a question mark
it lights the path in front of you
then leaves you in the dark
and love is the answer
but with an attitude
we’re all in this together
and we’re all made out of food

but not me
i am a human being
Track Name: our govrment
you’ve got to get over these chords
(i like these chords)
they make me bored!
(well, come on just give ‘em a chance)
well, i guess sometimes they sound good in my head

you’re dead to me
you don’t believe in anything anymore
this jail is real
can not conceal
the way i feel
about our government
our government
our government
our government

they string you up
and talk you down
that succubus that wear the crown
that juggernaut
controls your thoughts
with robocops
it never stops it never stop

and if you want to take a piece of my soul
you got to find it first, and i keep it in a hole
i keep it deep enough and hidden away
i got to make it tough
so you don’t invade

and satan is real
he really feel and he kills
and he knows you
but let’s put all that aside
let’s just go for a ride
because life is beautiful
Track Name: if the devil come for me
if the devil come for me i’ll close my eyes
if he find me in a dream i’ll change my mind
try to change my train of thought
oh my lord
oh my holy rocket ship
oh my sword

i wanted to seem dangerous
but i fucked it up and i missed the bus

holy rollers in the sky, inside the earth
of another atmosphere, another birth
i don’t think so, but i know
i heard a voice
i heard it on the radio
i made a choice

i wanted to seem dangerous
but i fucked it up and i missed the bus

i saw him coming so i started running
it’s a hard road to hell
it’s a tough bite to swallow when you feel footsteps following
a long road as well
when the devil is on your tail
i can run but i can’t run very well
not since the day i fell
i broke my body and you gave me health
but all my muscles swell like big balloons that try to wish you well
but with no message to tell
i was a rich man with a soul to sell

“this here beer is half full my brother”
is the atmosphere of my kind of brother
kind of man with a plan to conquer and cover
is another kind of man that i won’t call a brother
i won’t
not this time

take my beer away from me
take my pain
take away my satellite
take the rain
is it freedom? is it death?
i reside in a battleship i sank
with my pride

i wanted to seem dangerous
but i fucked it up and i missed the bus
Track Name: the thrill is gone
i’m alone in my chair
i don’t care, i’m aware that you feel like home
microphone standing there
i found your hair
i don’t care for you anymore

call me poor
life isn’t fair
give me a dare
i swear that i’ll close that door
the lock is jammed
that door ain’t right
put up a fight
i’ll put up all i have

and oh! will you bury me still?
i found out what is gone and it’s the thrill

big city lights, i miss the train
just like the rain, it don’t follow me around
took the coat right off my back
i hope it match your perfect little nose
oh my lord i’ve done it now
i don’t know how i allowed my mind roam
i hope i can stay
Track Name: catfish
mind blowing over the hills
in a cascade between the rocks
i wait
there are no mistakes,
just the one i made today
stone faced and drowning out the noise
these boys
they don’t fuck around
admit that something is really wrong
with the way i think too long
you always know just what to do

you’re my marlin
i knew that long ago
it’s just you didn’t know
that’s what i’ll suppose
you had me reeling darling
you had me making moves
it’s just you didn’t know
i had you long ago

it’s all that i can do right now
to make it up to you
i’ll say it with a word or two



old man i see myself in you
quiet now, sitting on the bus
joe dimaggio is dead
in the end who will send roses to his grave?
farewell my friend, into the sea
maybe we got lost along the way
but we’re free today to do as we please

don’t always know just what to say

you’re my catfish
i knew that long ago
it’s just you didn’t know
that’s what i’ll suppose
you had me reeling darling
you had me making moves
it’s just you didn’t know
i had you long ago

it’s all that i can do right now to make it up to you
i’ll say it with a word or two