because of you

from by kissed her little sister



it’s ‘cause of you that i’ve been feeling blue
my mind has been reeling too
lord knows it’s true that i’ve been given clues
‘bout what to do about you

and i don’t want the things you want
i think you’re on your own

decades pass so hard to make things last
or walk away on shattered glass
keep moving fast watch out for snakes in the grass
the only truth wears a mask

sometimes i forget to cry
when something is killing me

people get old need blood transfusions
you told me to hold on when it’s cold
and i wish i was bold and brazen, baby
but no, i feel controlled scolded and cajoled

and these crippling thoughts they’re all i’ve got
and they won’t leave me alone


from mbube, released June 16, 2014




kissed her little sister Los Angeles, California

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