he walked on the water

from by kissed her little sister



he walked on the water
he walked on the water
he swam in the water and he drank all the water
she is the farmer's daughter
the farmer's daughter
and o how i love her so much
and as for the farmer
as for the farmer
how i respect all his wishes
and as for the fishes down in the water
they keep my company all night

and they swim around my body
as i sink down to the bottom

he's the kingfisher and o how i miss her
o maria! my love!
you're such a good friend
you're such a good friend
we swam to the deep end
o no!

and they swam around my body
as i sank down to the bottom

savonarola! savonarola! savonarola!
you burned
down into ashes down into ashes
into the river you went

and so i followed and so i followed
into the shallow waters
fished by a farmer
king of the farmers
the farmer's daughter
my love


from high & low, track released January 1, 2011




kissed her little sister Los Angeles, California

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