will you

from by kissed her little sister



will you be the one that i hold on to?
will you?
breakin’ my heart
that’s what they do
right from the start
they break it into
one hundred millions pieces
i know this love is breathing
i still haven’t found completion
i still haven’t found
what i’m supposed to be
to you
to me

my god
will you look at the world right now?
please tell me how
how can it be?
you won’t set me free
but i’m trying to be
as long as i breathe
i’m dying to be
alive and i bleed
and i want to believe
you’ll be here with me
you’ll be here with me

in the woods there’s a fork in the road that i’m traveling
could i not pedal back consequence starts unraveling
you’re the rock in this river you’re the path on this ridge
you’re the wave underneath you’re the brick in this bridge
and i am sick i am stoned i’m debased and alone
sometimes i wonder if you’re ever gonna pick up the phone

(sun and moon and stars decay
time shall soon this earth remove
rise my soul and haste away
to seats prepared above)


from mbube, released June 16, 2014




kissed her little sister Los Angeles, California

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