upon the branch

from by kissed her little sister



(always is always forever
as long as one is one
inside yourself for your father
all is none all is none all is one)

upon the branch of my towering pine
i saw for a second in the back of my mind
neither here nor there do they willfully paddle
the oars in my boat full of words
i saw you so gently my monitor dimmed
with the nakedness shown in the time which you spent
in a timecode i feel with my own discontent
i revealed you my heart and you unzipped the tent

now the cold wind blow
the cold wind blows

how laughable hopes how tragic indeed
i gave you the fruit and you spit out the seed
through desert and storm with this sand in my mouth
you built me a home but i called it a house
you opened the window the singing crept into
the bedroom the sound was that first ancient hymn
and lucid i lingered i let my thoughts grow
what i think of your thoughts which you'll never know

i keep my mouth closed
i keep my mouth closed

i was born again a little late i had harder time
they kept me there to incubate said i had no spine
i said i have no code to tell you no message to lend
no visitations in my dreams nothing in my head
no one calling out to me no spectre in the night
ill meet you in the garden could i see you in the light
in the basement i knew you in passages of time
this elapsing story grows you’ll find me in the pines

where the cold wind blows
the cold wind blows


from mbube, released June 16, 2014




kissed her little sister Los Angeles, California

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